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Creative Ideas for Documenting Your Pregnancy

Thanks to Pinterest, there are SO many inspiring ways of documenting your pregnancy.  James and I decided to set up a chalkboard sign, similar to these pins (HERE & HERE) to watch my belly grow!


I just love seeing how others have chosen to capture this special moment of time.  I’m especially liking how this mom decided to type her pregnancy highlights directly on her bump pictures.

…and how this mom-to-be combined sweet letters to baby with her weekly photos.

I also enjoyed seeing how this mother creatively compared the size of her growing baby with pieces of fruit/veggies.  (How cool is her bountiful “harvest” newborn photo?)

I’m saving this idea to create a beautiful pregnancy album for round 2!

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Our Experience with Hypnobabies

In my baby bump updates {HERE} and Olivia’s birth story {HERE and HERE}, I mentioned that James and I took a childbirth prep class called Hypnobabies.  I promised more information about the why/how/what of the course… so, here are my thoughts:


What is Hypnobabies?

Hypnobabies is a birthing program that teaches women deep relaxation techniques so they can work with their bodies to deliver their babies naturally and in a calm environment.  Medical grade hypnosis techniques are utilized to cope with the discomfort of childbirth.  Language also plays a very important role.  According to this philosophy, what you think/act/believe/say creates a set of expectations that inform your conscious reality.  Instead of using the label “contractions,” for example, Hypnobabies teaches women to call these sensations “pressure waves.”  If you stop to think about it, this simple switch creates a powerful mental shift.  The word “contractions” is inherently negative and restrictive…. not exactly the vibe you want to create when you are trying free your body of all tension so the muscles of your uterus can work cooperatively.  You can read more about the basic tenets of the program on THIS PAGE.

What did I like most about Hypnobabies?

I loved:

  • The Positive Pregnancy Affirmations CD:  Part of our home exercises included listening to a track of empowering statements about birth and the positive growth of our baby.  I always felt more confident about trusting my body and the process of natural childbirth after listening to this track.  Whenever I worked on a project, I often had this CD playing on a continuous loop in the background.
  • The Opportunity to Become an Informed Advocate for Myself and My Child: After taking this class, I realized how relatively little I knew about birth, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various medical interventions.  Many of the research driven facts and statistics presented were mind boggling.  I wish every pregnant woman was equipped with this knowledge base.  On the whole, I believe the class curriculum helped us to analyze risks and benefits of different birthing scenarios and preferences.  I question EVERYTHING now.
  • The Positive Impact on Our Relationship: Hypnobabies is quite time intensive and requires the active participation of both the pregnant mama and doting dad to be.  Instead of becoming one more thing on a checklist, our childbirth prep evolved into a mental mindset and and an opportunity to bond over the pregnancy.


What Skills Were Helpful During Labor?

In addition to teaching valuable hypnosis and relaxation techniques, Hypobabies also provides mamas to be with concrete practical suggestions on:

  • eating and drinking during your birthing time
  • trying different positions that utilize gravity to bring the baby down
  • using a birthing ball
  • how to make your vocalizations productive

Did You Experience Pain?

I can’t say that my birthing time was without pain and discomfort.  I freely admit that my pressure waves were incredibly intense at times.  My answer to this question has to be qualified though- we thought we had 7 more weeks to mentally prepare for Olivia’s arrival and practice the relaxation cues.  With Thanksgiving and traveling, James and I fell out of our established routine of practicing hypnosis scripts.  I remember vividly the chart I set up in the kitchen to track our progress.  We had just gotten back our rhythm and completed nearly a week and a half of solid effort on all “Hypnobaby” fronts (drinking water, exercising, stretching, eating tons of protein, and listening to scripts/affirmations) when my water broke.  I have often wondered how my experience would have been different if I had put in all the practice time I wanted to and expected to be able to devote to this endeavor.  That being said, I CAN’T IMAGINE going through this process without Hypnobabies.

Would You Recommend Hypnobabies to Other Mamas?

Yes!  Actually committing to a schedule of listening to scripts and practicing relaxation techniques is a huge investment in time.  Have you seen this PIN???  I thought this was such an interesting lens to view childbirth prep, especially considering the statistic from TheKnot on how many hours a typical bride spends planning her dream wedding.

Take-Aways from the Curriculum:

Hands down the biggest lesson I learned was to TRUST my body.  This confidence was absolutely invaluable, especially when there were so many outside forces stacked against us.  I had an incredibly empowering natural childbirth despite the medical team labeling our situation an emergency.  I also knew that no matter how it turned out, I wasn’t a failure.  I had done my due diligence, advocated for my child, and worked with my body.  Peace of mind is a beautiful thing.

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Baby Bump Update: Weeks 29 and 31

Baby Bump Week 29

The time is flying by… no official picture for Week 29.  I did, however, snap this quick photo while we were out of town.  Baby is definitely growing!

Time: November 27th- December 3rd

Highlights: James and I traveled to Kansas City over the weekend to attend a wedding.  We were able to squeeze in a quick dinner date on the first night we arrived in an area called The Plaza.  All the buildings were adorned with festive lights, which created a magical atmosphere.  (I later read that they start decorating this area after Labor Day and aren’t finished taking down the lights until March!)

Milestone: The nursery is painted as of this week!

Week 31

Baby Bump Week 31

Time: December 11th- 17th

Developmental Milestones: Baby’s eyes are finally open after being fused shut for approximately 18 weeks and her irises are reacting to light.

Cravings: Vanilla ice cream drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce!  Also, clementines… they are so delicious!  For better or worse, I discovered Whole Foods’ version of Gingerbread Scones.  I absolutely LOVE them… now, if they could just take out those pesky calories!

Highlights:  James and I had triple duty this week in terms of preparing for Baby’s arrival– we attended a breastfeeding basics workshop, a Holiday prenatal yoga class, and the last session of our birthing course.  What a line-up!  I have also started to feel quite a bit of tightening around my abdomen while walking or exercising… small contractions preparing for the big day!

James and I also spent quite a bit of time in the nursery organizing all the wonderful gifts from our baby shower.  I am absolutely overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity.  More details and photos to come from this special day!

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Baby Bump Update: Week 27

Baby Bump Week 27

Time: November 13th- 19th

Developmental Milestones:  Baby Girl is slightly more than 2 pounds now… about the size of a rutabaga!  Her brain tissue is rapidly developing and her delicate eyelids are beginning to open (they have been fused shut since about 11 weeks).

Cravings:  Grapes!  They have never tasted so good!

Highlights:  Lots of progress on preparing for Baby Girl’s arrival this past week.  We ordered the crib, cleared out several pieces of furniture in the nursery, and took 2 tours of birthing facilities in the area.  Baby Girl has been much more active this week- it’s always reassuring to feel her move every so often.

James and I also hosted a potluck Thanksgiving with our group of friends on Sunday.  It is our third year of celebrating “Friendsgiving” and I look forward to this tradition each Fall.

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Baby Bump Update: Week 25

Baby Bump Week 25

Time: October 30th- November 5th

Developmental Milestones: Baby is continuing to grow this week, increasing her fat stores.  Her lungs are continuing to develop and starting to manufacture surfactant.  Several pregnancy week-by-week trackers suggest that you could tell the color of baby’s hair at this point!


  • The first day of November, I felt Baby Girl move for the longest stretch of time yet.
  • We are officially halfway done with our Hypnobabies Birthing Class.  (More details on the type of class we choose and our thoughts on the experience to come!) —>UPDATE: Our Experience with Hypnobabies
  • J and I are getting closer to picking out a name… it’s down to 2!
  • Halloween Fun: We traveled to my Grandparent’s house on Halloween to celebrate my Grandma’s 92nd birthday!  James and I showed her our crazy Halloween costumes and enjoyed a family pizza dinner.  James was the official chef extraordinaire (“the Bun Maker!”) and I sported a matching shirt!  Such fun memories… and an item checked off our Fall Bucket List: Find a fun maternity Halloween Costume!



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Baby Bump Update: Week 23

Baby Bump Week 23

Time: October 16-22nd

Developmental Milestones: Baby girl’s first teeth are forming below her gum line. Her fingernails are almost fully grown at this point. Fun fact from Fit Pregnancy: blood travels through the umbilical cord at 4-miles per hour. Since her inner ear is fully developed, baby likely knows if she is upside down.

Cravings: Nothing in particular.

Highlights: Many people on our trip 2 weeks ago kept asking, “where are you hiding the baby!?”  This was one of the first weeks where I really felt and looked pregnant.  The bump seems like it has exploded in growth over the past few weeks!

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Baby Bump Update: Week 21

Baby Bump Week 21

Time: October 2nd-9th

Developmental Milestones: Our baby girl is starting to put on weight this week. Her bone marrow is producing blood cells and her taste buds are processing the flavors of different foods.

Cravings: Nothing new this week… James and I splurged and enjoyed dessert on most nights this week!

Highlights: The majority of our week was spent in Maui, Hawaii. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a more beautiful setting. One of the most exciting parts of the trip: feeling the baby move for the first time while on the airplane about an hour from our destination. I’m pretty sure I’ve felt these little flutters before but they were always so faint. Her little kicks were unmistakeable this time! Movements are still very sporadic.

In addition to exploring amazing waterfalls and relaxing at the beach, James and I had 2 outstanding culinary treats.  We sampled the BEST banana bread at Julia’s and ordered the BEST dessert at Mama’s Fish House. I can’t even begin to describe how delicious Mama’s Hana Banana Macadamia Nut Crisp was- we devoured it! More details to come about our tropical “Babymoon.”

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Baby Bump Update: Week 19

Baby Bump Week 19

Time: September 18-25th

Developmental Milestones: Our ultrasound this week showed Baby is a sweet little girl! She is the size of a mango and constantly moving around. We even saw her cover her ears at one point during the ultrasound! Vernix caseosa has formed a protective layer around her body that will protect her skin for the next couple of months.

Symptoms: Feeling great!

Cravings: I’ve been on a roll with cheesecake!  James and I went out to dinner this weekend and we ordered a slice of their house cheesecake to go.  It was drizzled in caramel… simply amazing!

Highlights: We couldn’t be more thrilled with the news from our ultrasound! All of Baby’s measurements were on track and appeared to be healthy! I am so relieved. The past couple of weeks have been a bit nerve wracking since I am not showing a whole ton and I haven’t felt the Baby move yet. Our wonderful ultrasound technician explained that this was quite normal with an anterior placenta.  In this position, the placenta acts as an extra cushion between the Baby and your outside tummy- making it even harder to feel those first flutters of movement.

The day after we found out the big news, we hosted a reveal party for several close friends and family members.  It was such a fun and memorable night.  More details to come!  Right now, I’m enjoying this gorgeous profile pic:

and this adorable pic of our Baby’s hands:

Our ultrasound technician explained that the baby’s thumb is in a different plane on the left-hand side, which is why it doesn’t show up in the photo.  It was such a gift to see this little one moving around and to listen to her heartbeat.

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Baby Bump Update: Week 17

Baby Bump Week 17

Time: September 4th-10th

Developmental Milestones:  Baby’s ears are developing so he or she is able to hear our voices!  Tiny fingerprints have also formed.

Symptoms:  Feeling great except my sleeping patterns have really been affected the past couple of weeks.  I don’t remember the last time I’ve actually slept through the night!  Lately, my lower back and tailbone have started hurting.  I’ve gotten the go ahead from the doctor to see a chiropractor so hopefully I will get some information on some helpful stretches.  At my prenatal check-up last week, I received a flu shot- wow, my arm is still sore from the injection.  Ouch!

Cravings:  Nothing new this week!  Currently, loving Strawberry ice cream.

Highlights: The doctor found the Baby’s heartbeat immediately at our check-up last week!  It sounds so strong!  We also made THE appointment!  We will be finding out whether Baby is a he or she on September 20th!  J and I can’t wait.  I am also really looking forward to the first signs of movement, which should be happening anytime now.  Still waiting on developing that cute baby bump.

*Credit: I found this charming blog, Little Baby Garvin, through Pinterest and loved her chalk designs documenting her pregnancy.  I couldn’t resist trying my own hand at creating a fun update sign!


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Baby Bump Update: Week 14

Baby Bump Week14

Time: August 14th-20th

Developmental Milestones: Baby’s nose, lips, and taste buds are forming at this point!

Symptoms:  Less nausea! So excited to have some energy back too!

Cravings: I absolutely love the Izze Sparkling Juice line. I gave up drinking Diet Coke when I found out I was pregnant… a shocking decision for those that know me! The Izze drinks are such a great alternative when water just doesn’t seem appealing.

Highlights: We are officially in the second trimester! So thankful to be out of the first trimester miscarriage danger zone. We are definitely looking forward to the next doctor’s appointment where we will be able to listen to the heartbeat.

Baby Bump Week14 Lemon

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