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  • Wellness Wednesdays: Gratitude in Action

    Wellness Wednesdays: Gratitude in Action

    I had a different post scheduled for today, but this one feels more timely, more real. I posted on my Instagram account earlier today: “Got some good/bad news this morning. We’ve been working with a holistic MD for the past few weeks to get a better overall picture of Olivia’s health. Right now, I’m sitting…

  • Hello, 31

    Hello, 31

    Once you’ve hit your 30s, you’re not a day over 29, right?! When I think about this past year, I’m overwhelmed by how much our little family has grown! Olivia is running these days and talking up a storm. I feel so fortunate to have James by my side as we’ve learned new lessons in…

  • Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

    Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

    In the spirit of making my word for 2014 visible and elevating my health, I wanted to share my favorite green smoothie recipe.  It’s beyond simple and requires just a few ingredients: In a typical batch, we blend: 2 large stems of Kale leaves 2 large handfuls of spinach 1 apple 4 carrots a small…