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Hello, Fall 2015

Fall is officially here! Who is excited for cooler temps, changing leaves, and Fall family traditions?! To help you document these precious memories, I recently shared a project over at Snap Click Supply Company:


For the full scoop on how to put this Fall Scrapbook layout together, head over to this post. I just love the extra glitter sparkle on those leaves!


P.S. I just heard about a wonderful tradition to celebrate the first day of Fall from our amazing family photographer and good friend Tiffany- their family celebrates by having dinner in a pumpkin! She used this recipe and said it was delicious!

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Lately… Fall 2013

It’s been an incredibly busy Fall… I am really looking forward to slowing down the pace of our daily life- embracing the concepts of relaxing, savoring, and dreaming.  It seems like we’ve been on a continuous loop of create, publish, start, finish, hurry, document, and perfect.  Lately, I’ve been…

reflecting on motherhood after reading these 2 articles: Tell Me How Beautiful It Is To Watch Them Fly and I Became a Mother, and Died to Live.

finishing my 30 Days of Thankful Album.


reading The Wheat Belly and Practical Paleo.

laughing as Olivia blows us fish kisses while drinking a green smoothie!

stumbling my way through Photoshop tutorials and feeling proud that I can now successfully whiten teeth, even complexions, and brighten darkened glasses.

watching movies with James in our newly painted basement.

enjoying the lights.


ordering our Christmas cards and falling in love with this gift wrapping option by Krafted Frames

staging pictures for The Dating Divas to highlight amazing ideas in their NEW Quick and Easy Ways to Rock the Romance.

looking through the pictures from our November mini-session with our photographer- I just love these images:


Photo Credit: TH Photography


Photo Credit: TH Photography


Photo Credit: TH Photography

waiting for kitchen cabinets.

eating delicious Chicken Tikka Masala with a dear friend from out of town.

visiting my favorite local craft and paper store- can’t wait to design a class for these ladies in the Spring!

following Olivia as she cruises along our furniture.

counting our blessings on this DIY board featured on Jessica Sprague’s Create Inspiration blog.

Thankful Main

looking forward to our annual Friendsgiving/Holiday Party this upcoming week.

and struggling to find balance.

How about you?

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30 Days of Thankful: Week 2

What an incredibly busy week!  Here’s a peak at Week 2 of my hybrid album as I’m following along with Cathy Zielske’s 30 Days of Thankful:









And some of my favorite details:


In case you missed it, here’s WEEK 1.

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30 Days of Thankful: Week 1

Last year, I started intentionally documenting this season of gratitude by participating in Cathy Zielske’s 30 Days of Thankful.  You can find a glimpse of my 2012 album HERE.  Life seems to be moving at 1,000 mph lately, so this tradition is especially meaningful for me right now.

Here’s a look at the first batch:


Day 1:  So grateful for quiet moments filled with beauty.  This tired pumpkin fell asleep on our walk this afternoon.  Love the feeling of slowing down to take in nature’s breathtaking array of Fall colors.  It’s been raining leaves for the past few days- we’ve seen gusts of golds, oranges, and reds swirling through the air.  Feeling grateful for bursts of sunshine, a beautiful sleeping baby, and sweet moments of utter calm.


Day 2: I made a new friend today!  Normally, I am terrified of larger dogs… BUT, this sweet gentle giant captured my heart.  I’m so thankful I had a chance to meet “Bear” and catch up with his mama.  Good coffee, a loveable puppy, and a great conversation with a friend… a perfect Saturday morning!


Day 3: Dearest Olivia- I am so grateful for your beautiful smile.  Your wide open grin quite literally lights up the room.  We are in awe of how much you have grown and learned over the past 10 months.  The road has not been easy- you are already unbelievably strong and I know that you will become an amazingly confident, caring woman.  Right now, I am soaking in precious moments: your sweet little laugh, the symphony of your distinct babbling sounds, and this amazing smile.  Love you always, Mom.


Day 4: I am so grateful for my husband, James.  I am constantly amazed by his ability to fix anything.  I have yet to find a project that intimidates my mechanical engineer!  I still don’t know how a simple conversation about painting the breakfast room turned into a full scale kitchen demo and renovation… BUT, I am so grateful that James has the knowledge and skill to craft a beautiful space.


Day 5: I am so grateful that my parents live close enough that popping over for dinner is an option while our kitchen is a functional mess!  Tonight, we enjoyed a wonderful new slow cooker recipe.  I will definitely be making this quinoa, chicken chili again!  Earlier in the week, my mom made a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup.  Olivia LOVED this dinner… It was probably the most we’ve seen her eat of solid foods in one sitting.  It was so cute to watch her devour this dinner favorite.


Day 6:  Feeling extremely grateful today for perfect timing.  I had to take Olivia to music class during the window of delivery for our new kitchen appliances.  Our new oven, microwave, cooktop, and hood were delivered just before my mom had to leave for an appointment.  Five minutes on either side (my mom leaving or our return) would have meant the difference between moving ahead with the project and the reality of delays and/or extra delivery fees.

Some of my favorite details:

Thankful Details

Don’t you just love those tool die-cut images?  I embellished the digital base pages with patterned paper, punches, glitter, gold leafing, metallic nailheads, and ribbon.

Update: See Week 2 of this Thankful Project

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In the Workshop: Congrats Card

Remember this post on my favorite new glitter technique?


Here is one of the cards I made using this inspired process:

Congrats New Home Card

The glittered leaves were the perfect addition to the background of this card.

New Home Card 2

Congrats New Home Card 2

For a step-by-step guide on achieving this look, visit my post In the Workshop: Glitter Techniques!

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A Message from Cinderella…

Happy Halloween!

Photo Credit: TH Photography & Design

Our photographer posted the perfect caption to accompany the bottom photo: “Pretty sure she is thinking, Don’t make me turn you into a frog!”


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Fall and Halloween Traditions

Lately, we’ve been:

watching the leaves turn.


visiting the pumpkin patch.


helping Olivia stand and pull herself up on various pieces of furniture.

singing (lots of singing).

practicing different learning concepts like “on/off, open/close, up/down, etc…” with our very active 10 month old.

picking out the perfect Halloween costume for our girl.  Our darling little Snow White literally grew overnight… right into the next sized costume!!


crafting various cards and collecting new project ideas.  So excited to be part of Jessica’s new team!

loving this beautiful smile.


shaking off feelings of overwhelm and stress.

and most recently:

dreaming of a beautiful, fully functional kitchen (see this post).

thinking about Halloween traditions.

I’m particularly intrigued by Linda’s suggestion to make a fortune cake on the blog Giggles, Gobbles, and Gulps.  I loved reading Modern Parents Messy Kids guide describing 31 ways to begin a family Halloween tradition.  (J and I might have to try using cookie cutters to carve our next pumpkin!)  These 2 pins {HERE & HERE} have an awesome list of suggested books to read at Halloween.  And finally, a simple search on Pinterest yields hundreds of fun “Boo Your Neighbor” ideas… I can’t wait to try out this fun activity next year!

To capture the memories, I created 2 multidimensional mini scrapbooks from scratch in early October.

Halloween Scrapbooks

The inner pages are perfect for recording the details of Halloween adventures across multiple years.  More details to come regarding this amazing keepsake based on Kathy Orta’s instructions!

How do you savor the season?

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Ready for Halloween: Decorations

Halloween at our house looks a little like this:

Halloween Seasonal Decorations

At night, the soft glow of all these candles, Halloween decorations, and twinkle lights is downright magical… I love this time of year!

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Happy Birthday J!

Happy Birthday, dear James!

James 31 Family

What an incredible year- we’ve definitely done our fair share of growing (literally by two feet), laughing, traveling, compromising, and generally trying to figure it all out.

James 31

To my partner in crime, cheers to 31!

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Fall Bucket List Update

I can’t believe it’s less than 10 days until Christmas!  Before sharing some Holiday projects we’ve been working on, I thought I would quickly revisit the Fall bucket list that I posted here.  I didn’t get everything checked off, but here are a few highlights:

1. Savor the changing leaves.

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaf

I had an opportunity through the Dating Divas to sharpen my photography skills this fall by completing an intensive photography workshop.  One of the assignments challenged us to take several images illustrating the concept of back-lighting.  This task forced me to go outside early one morning and start looking…and inevitably appreciating… different qualities of light.  Wouldn’t you know that a strong rainstorm left this gorgeous tree without its leaves just a day later?  So glad I was able to get these images…

2. Make chili with Mom.  Done and done!

Fall Chicken Chili

3.  Make pumpkin bread and cookies.

Fall Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies

I finally made Pumpkin Snickerdoodles!  I think I’ve had various versions of this cookie bookmarked for about the past 2 years.

Fall Pumpkin Cake

…. We also tested out a new pumpkin dessert at Friendsgiving.  This recipe from Kraft Foods was fantastic… I think I like it better than pumpkin pie!  It was incredibly easy to make and each layer is bursting with pumpkin flavor.  The best part?  The dessert is light and satisfies your sweet tooth without leaving you feeling stuffed… perfect for after a Thanksgiving meal!

4. Be grateful, everyday.

Always working on this concept…  I came across this amazing idea from Cathy Zielske and decided to craft my own version of 30 days of Gratitude in November.  Here’s a glimpse at my book that utilizes a mixture of her digital downloads, photos, and paper:

Fall Gratitude Book

Fall Gratitude Book Detail 2

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