Essential Oils


As I’ve shared on this blog, Olivia’s early delivery was an incredibly challenging time for our little family.  James and I were faced with making decisions, working with specialists, investigating natural alternatives, and becoming informed, responsible health advocates for our sweet baby girl.

Our experience has prompted both of us to begin a wellness journey- we’ve started incorporating green smoothies into our weekly routines and slowly modifying our diet to remove processed junk.  Along the way, I discovered the world of essential oils.  My amazing doula, Alicia Brooks, hosted a class about the powerful properties of these plant based products and how they can revolutionize your everyday routines.  I was skeptical at first but after a year of using essential oils, I am hooked!  Experience after experience has demonstrated to me that these oils have a place in my wellness arsenal.

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and in no way dispensing medical advise.  I simply love sharing information about tools that have personally transformed my life. When we ADD healthy options to our lifestyle, work alongside a trusted physician, and follow our intuition, amazing things can happen!