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  • Marking 33 Weeks and 4 Days.

    Marking 33 Weeks and 4 Days.

    I was pregnant for exactly 33 weeks and 4 days. Today, Olivia is 33 weeks and 4 days old. So many mixed emotions running through my mind today… Olivia has been outside as long as she was safely tucked away inside my tummy. It’s crazy how quickly this much time has passed…although I can still…

  • Happy Birthday, Lexi!

    Happy Birthday, Lexi!

    Our sweet puppy, Lexi turned 5 today.  This little darling has been a ball of energy and personality from the moment we picked her up.  Even on the most rotten of days, she always manages to make me smile. Lexi and Olivia are becoming such great buddies. Here’s an excerpt of one of my letters…

  • Creative Ideas for Documenting Your Pregnancy

    Creative Ideas for Documenting Your Pregnancy

    Thanks to Pinterest, there are SO many inspiring ways of documenting your pregnancy.  James and I decided to set up a chalkboard sign, similar to these pins (HERE & HERE) to watch my belly grow! I just love seeing how others have chosen to capture this special moment of time.  I’m especially liking how this…

  • First Mother’s Day

    First Mother’s Day

    I love you so much, Olivia.  I can’t wait to meet the beautiful, confident, caring, and intelligent woman you become.  In the meantime, I’m cherishing your sweet smiles and little gurgles, as well as sneak peaks into your blossoming personality.  You are already so independent! We spent our first Mother’s Day at my parent’s lake…

  • Hello, Baby!…A Glimpse into My Pregnancy Journal

    Hello, Baby!…A Glimpse into My Pregnancy Journal

    I’ve started writing letters to the Baby during this journey in a pregnancy journal. Here’s a glimpse into what I wrote about this picture of 9-week old sweetheart! Hello Baby! We met your new doctor today (7/13/2012). You managed to scare the heck out of us at the beginning of the appointment- the doctor couldn’t…