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Baby Bump Update: Week 12

Baby Bump Week 12

Time: July 31st- August 6th

Developmental Milestones: All major organ systems are in place!  Baby is working on reflexes right now.

Symptoms: All day nausea, fatigue, and heartburn are still constant companions.

Cravings: Nothing specific. Cheesecake, though, seems to be the first thing that pops into my head when thinking about a dessert!

Highlights:  James and I received a surprise (and free!) ice cream treat at Cheesecake Factory after our waitress felt bad that our food was taking a bit longer. Such a nice surprise after one of those days where you feel like nothing is going right.

We traveled to Minneapolis and Eau Claire, WI in early August for a family reunion. The weather was just gorgeous! More details to come.


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  1. Judy Nenninger Avatar
    Judy Nenninger

    Call me the next time you get a craving! Ummmmmmm cheesecake!

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