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Baby Bump Update: Week 14

Baby Bump Week14

Time: August 14th-20th

Developmental Milestones: Baby’s nose, lips, and taste buds are forming at this point!

Symptoms:  Less nausea! So excited to have some energy back too!

Cravings: I absolutely love the Izze Sparkling Juice line. I gave up drinking Diet Coke when I found out I was pregnant… a shocking decision for those that know me! The Izze drinks are such a great alternative when water just doesn’t seem appealing.

Highlights: We are officially in the second trimester! So thankful to be out of the first trimester miscarriage danger zone. We are definitely looking forward to the next doctor’s appointment where we will be able to listen to the heartbeat.

Baby Bump Week14 Lemon

2 responses to “Baby Bump Update: Week 14”

  1. Judy Nenninger Avatar
    Judy Nenninger

    Candice, you are radiant at 14 weeks! Congratulations, my darling!

  2. Judy Nenninger Avatar
    Judy Nenninger

    Seeing the lemon as a visual just makes it so amazingly real!
    And exciting!

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