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Baby Bump Update: Week 27

Baby Bump Week 27

Time: November 13th- 19th

Developmental Milestones:  Baby Girl is slightly more than 2 pounds now… about the size of a rutabaga!  Her brain tissue is rapidly developing and her delicate eyelids are beginning to open (they have been fused shut since about 11 weeks).

Cravings:  Grapes!  They have never tasted so good!

Highlights:  Lots of progress on preparing for Baby Girl’s arrival this past week.  We ordered the crib, cleared out several pieces of furniture in the nursery, and took 2 tours of birthing facilities in the area.  Baby Girl has been much more active this week- it’s always reassuring to feel her move every so often.

James and I also hosted a potluck Thanksgiving with our group of friends on Sunday.  It is our third year of celebrating “Friendsgiving” and I look forward to this tradition each Fall.

2 responses to “Baby Bump Update: Week 27”

  1. Judy Nenninger Avatar
    Judy Nenninger

    My beautiful grand daughter on the way!

  2. Judy Nenninger Avatar
    Judy Nenninger

    So I’m off to the store to get some grapes “instock” . . .

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