Thanking Our NICU Nurses


This saying is SO true.  Having to leave Olivia in the hospital was one of the absolute hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  It is so incredibly humbling to be put into a situation where strangers know more about your baby’s needs than you do.  A team of dedicated nurses became intimately familiar with Olivia’s breathing rates, feeding schedules, unique hand movements, and overall daily progress.

Two nurses in particular, Lisa and Renee, stand out in my mind when I reflect back on our girl’s stay at our local Special Care Unit.  I relied on their reassurance, updates, and moral support as Olivia’s progress often took 1 giant step forward followed by 2 steps back.  I’ll never forget the day that our preemie was moved from her incubator to an open air crib.  The nurses greeted me at the door with huge smiles.  I wasn’t sure what was going on as I walked past them toward Olivia’s area at the back of the room… and then, I finally saw the cause for celebration!  My sweet babe no longer needed to be separated from the outside world as she was able to successfully regulate her own temperature!  I was beyond thrilled… and so were they.  We exchanged hugs and I learned they were waiting to see my reaction since the decision to move her was made very early in the morning and after our usual late evening check-in.

I can’t ever repay our NICU nurses for being sweet caretakers of my dear Olivia.  When she was discharged, I brought her nursing team a bag of filled with goodies: chocolates, chips/salsa, granola bites… and a fun lifesaver note for each of my angels.

So, on this National Neonatal Nurse Appreciation Day (September 15th), I say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

**Read this inspiring tribute to NICU nurses.


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