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Happy New Year!

A bit of radio silence for the past few weeks.  In the short span of 3 weeks, the following was accomplished:

  • finished post projects related to The Dating Divas blog and the Jessica Sprague community.
  • planned Olivia’s first birthday and completed over 10 handmade projects to complement her theme.
  • hosted 11 people at our house and cooked for 14 over the course of a week!
  • transformed our kitchen mess into a beautiful and practical space.
  • cleaned the entire house.
  • endured and recovered from the stomach flu!

I’m starting to feel tired even reading this list… phew!  I’m really glad the month of December is behind us.  It was filled to the brim with amazing memories…. and enough stress to power a small city.  It was a fitting end to an incredibly intense year.  Adios, 2013- you were filled with the brightest highs and the darkest lows.  I am so looking forward to exploring a new season of calm and clarity.  I finally picked my word for this year- Light.  More to come on what this word means to me and how I hope to embracing it’s multiple meanings.


One response to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Judy Avatar

    What you accomplished in one month some people accomplish in a lifetime!
    You are amazing!

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