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Valentine Recipe Idea

A few weeks ago, I attended a class taught by STL Veg Girl, Caryn Dugan.  I sampled tofu and seitan dishes… and actually LOVED them!  I tried recreating one of her amazing recipes at our annual Pinks and Drinks girls get-together before Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Mousse

The chocolate mousse was a hit!  After requests, I mailed the recipe as a Valentine.  I used Carina Gardner’s recipe card from Jessica Sprague’s digital shoppe as a base for the text.  On the back, I paired a journaling card from the Blowing Kisses collection with my favorite dessert quote about friendship.

Valentine Recipe Gift 3

Valentine Recipe Gift

This quick and easy Valentine gift idea also gave me the chance to test out the print and cut tools on the Silhouette… love the ability to cut out any digital shape I want!  I used this feature to make the little banner tags and scalloped recipe note!

Valentine Recipe Gift 2

Valentine Recipe Gift 4

If you ever have a chance to take one of Caryn’s classes, you won’t regret it!  Love having delicious ideas on how to accomplish my goal of incorporating more plant based foods into my diet.

One response to “Valentine Recipe Idea”

  1. Judy Avatar

    I loved how you shared the recipe as a valentine! Great idea ! We will have to make this recipe together ! I can’t wait!
    And, maybe we can take one of Caryn’s classes together sometime!

    I loved your use of the silhouette! The banner tags and scallops are really neat! Loved the friendship quote, all the pinks …. and the thank you idea
    giving the recipe …. Fabulous!

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