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  • The Magic of Diagon Alley

    The Magic of Diagon Alley

    We just back from a magical trip to Universal, Orlando. Seeing Diagon Alley in person was spectacular! Click here for a checklist of 15 must see and do activities in and around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios!

  • March Scavenger Hunt

    March Scavenger Hunt

    Grab this freebie and surprise your kiddos with a fun scavenger hunt at the beginning of March! All you need are a few of those plastic golden coins from The Dollar Tree or Michaels. Hide them around a specific room! Fill in the number of hidden coins on the printable and leave it for your…

  • The Messy Middle of Motherhood

    The Messy Middle of Motherhood

    I’m not going to lie- I was the last person to finish their bouquet during a recent Galentine event. And, about halfway in, it all felt LIKE A GIANT MESS. What a metaphor for motherhood as a process of refinement- a trajectory full of uncertainties, doubts, debris, and yet somehow exquisitely gorgeous even in the…

  • The Two of You January 2017

    The Two of You January 2017

    The weather this past weekend was crazy warm– as in 60 degree weather! We went for a family walk and I asked Ryan if he wanted to hold my hand. He shook his head “no” and said “sis!” Little man wanted to walk next to his big sister (cue my mama heart melting into a…

  • Holiday & New Year Greetings

    Holiday & New Year Greetings

    When I saw this Holiday card design from Tiny Prints, I knew right away that I wanted to use it. The focal word couldn’t have been more perfect for what I want to call into 2018. After such a year of ups and downs, I want to cultivate a sense of PEACE in my heart…

  • Five Sweet & Short Years Later

    Five Sweet & Short Years Later

    When Liv was born, I remember thinking to myself- “wow, that’s not at all how I wanted or expected our winter break to go.” Instead of enjoying the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I spent every moment I could visiting my sweet girl in the NICU. From the very beginning, Olivia has had such…

  • Ryan Oliver

    Ryan Oliver

    He’s here! Our sweet boy was born on April 17th at 39 weeks exactly. He surprised us all with a very quick labor! The past few weeks have been a blur of appointments and getting used to life with 2 kiddos. I’m still processing so many parts of his arrival and our postpartum experience- more…

  • Motivation Monday: Words to Live By #9

    Motivation Monday: Words to Live By #9

    Nope, it’s not Monday. Best laid plans to have this post ready last week went askew. It’s been quiet on this blog for several months… Sharing this quote today as a reminder to myself… The past couple of months have seemed like a whirlwind! It’s been a season of: Growing Pains: In more than 1…

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