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Baby Bump Update: Week 14

Baby Bump Week14

Time: August 14th-20th

Developmental Milestones: Baby’s nose, lips, and taste buds are forming at this point!

Symptoms:  Less nausea! So excited to have some energy back too!

Cravings: I absolutely love the Izze Sparkling Juice line. I gave up drinking Diet Coke when I found out I was pregnant… a shocking decision for those that know me! The Izze drinks are such a great alternative when water just doesn’t seem appealing.

Highlights: We are officially in the second trimester! So thankful to be out of the first trimester miscarriage danger zone. We are definitely looking forward to the next doctor’s appointment where we will be able to listen to the heartbeat.

Baby Bump Week14 Lemon

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August 2012 Trip to Wisconsin

James and I traveled to Wisconsin for a family reunion the first weekend in August.  Our weekend highlights included:

  • A reprieve from the scorching temps of our hometown!  The weather was absolutely delightful.  I might have mentioned to James at least once (or twice or three times!): “So, can we get a house up here for the summer months?!”
  • Baby’s first trip on an airplane!  Fortunately, the changing altitudes didn’t exacerbate my nausea or initiate any other pregnancy symptoms.
  • Meeting the extended family!  It was a pleasure to meet relatives on James’ side of the family at the reunion.  Everyone was so welcoming.
  • Spending time at J’s Aunt and Uncle’s farm.  Loved eating dinner outside while catching up with family as the sun washed this gorgeous setting in a haze of golden hues.

Since we flew into Minneapolis, we also had the opportunity to meet up with 2 of J’s college friends and take them to dinner at Manny’s Steakhouse as a belated wedding present.  I would venture to say that I had the best steak I’ve ever eaten at this restaurant.  I ordered it medium-well and hoped it wouldn’t be served as a charred mess.  It was absolutely perfect- completely cooked but incredibly moist and tender.  I enjoyed every bite!  James also gave the restaurant high marks for their ability to craft the classic “Brandy Old Fashioned,” his favorite drink.  To round out our meal, we decided to test out their “Hashbrown with Onions” potato side, which looked remarkably like a puffed up pancake!

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Happy Anniversary to J’s Parents!

This August, my in-laws celebrated a special milestone: their 40th anniversary! Here is the handmade anniversary card we sent them to mark the occasion:

Anniversary Card Using Memory Box Dies

This card was made using Memory Box’s La Rue Heart and some basic heart punches on a red background. Did you know that Ruby is the gem of 40 years? I absolutely love how the inside turned out. It features another Memory Box Die Embellishment.

Anniversary Card Detail Using Memory Box Dies

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Baby Bump Update: Week 12

Baby Bump Week 12

Time: July 31st- August 6th

Developmental Milestones: All major organ systems are in place!  Baby is working on reflexes right now.

Symptoms: All day nausea, fatigue, and heartburn are still constant companions.

Cravings: Nothing specific. Cheesecake, though, seems to be the first thing that pops into my head when thinking about a dessert!

Highlights:  James and I received a surprise (and free!) ice cream treat at Cheesecake Factory after our waitress felt bad that our food was taking a bit longer. Such a nice surprise after one of those days where you feel like nothing is going right.

We traveled to Minneapolis and Eau Claire, WI in early August for a family reunion. The weather was just gorgeous! More details to come.


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Joining The Dating Divas!

This July, I had the opportunity to join a talented group of women dedicated to strengthening marriage.  The Dating Divas website features creative ideas for date nights, quick and easy romance, free printables, and DIY crafts.  I am blown away by not only their fantastic ideas, but also their passion for helping couples keep the spark alive in their relationship.

Here’s the official unveil of the newly expanded Dating Divas team: Meet the New Divas.  Click on the links below to sample some of my first posts!

You’re the FLIP to my FLOP!  This fun summer printable is sure to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face.

Get the Scoop!  Plan an ice cream date to beat the summer heat and enjoy a round of Truth or Dare.

Get the Scoop Date Idea on The Dating Divas

The Anatomy of an Argument: 5 practical tips to use during your next argument.

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Hello, Baby!…A Glimpse into My Pregnancy Journal

I’ve started writing letters to the Baby during this journey in a pregnancy journal. Here’s a glimpse into what I wrote about this picture of 9-week old sweetheart!

Hello Baby!

We met your new doctor today (7/13/2012). You managed to scare the heck out of us at the beginning of the appointment- the doctor couldn’t find your heartbeat on an abdominal doppler machine. You remained quite elusive even after his second attempt to find you using a different machine. The doctor and your Dad tried to calm my fears but nervous anticipation clouded the room. To double check everything, the doctor performed an ultrasound. 

You were definitely bouncing inside of me with a strong heartbeat. The doctor reassured us immediately that you were doing well. He then spent some time focusing on different angles to show us your developing spinal cord, the arteries in your head that will form your brain, the placenta, and the umbilical cord. He also printed off the most adorable picture of you! You are so precious. It’s hard to believe that you already have little arms and legs (and a gigantic head!).  

Your Grandma just about lost it when I showed her the ultrasound pic. She is beyond excited for your arrival! 

I love you,

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Coming Soon…Our Pregnancy Announcement Card

Pregnancy Announcement Card Idea

James and I will welcome a new addition to the family next February.  We are absolutely thrilled and excited to share updates on our new journey.  To share the big news with family and friends, we created this pregnancy announcement card… complete with our two other baby shih-tzu’s: Lexi and Aston.

*This photo was inspired by an adorable idea found on Pinterest


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